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Crema Natural / Natural
Crema Natural / Natural
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Crema Natural / Natural 150x320 cm 1/6
Crema Natural / Natural 150x320 cm 1/6

Zafra iTOPKer: 12mm-thick porcelain slabs in a large 1500x3200 mm format for worktops ands countertops. A Natural finishing in Crema colour.

Zafra gathers the exclusivity and essence of the crema ivory stone. Its design draws fine veins

that are intertwined with a cream background to convey a sober and elegant image.


iTOPKer is a response to the needs of today’s homes and an original way of meeting the demand for innovative, eco-friendly, versatile products that contribute to people’s wellbeing.




iTOPKer  can be given different uses and applications. Mainly conceived as a worktop or countertop, iTOPKER’s high performance properties and technical characteristics make it the perfect choice, whatever the setting.

150 x 320 cm  /   59" x 126"
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