Large-format surface for floors and walls in a slimline ISLIMM BY INALCO version. A Natural finishing in Blanco Plus and Negro colours with a terrazzo-effect design.

This series is the result of a collaboration project between Inalco and the international interior designer Katty Schiebeck.

The terrazzo aesthetic has forcefully burst into our lives once again as a trend in interior design and decoration. Inalco renews these surfaces with Fluorite, a large-format porcelain tile collection that comes from the fusion of ideas with Katty Shiebeck, an international interior designer. Fluorite updates this familiar design with an innovative revamped air, and it is composed of timeless and neutral tones.

Fluorite Blanco Plus Natural
Fluorite Negro Natural

100 x 250 cm / 39.37'' x 98.43'' iSLIMM (6 mm)
100 x 100 cm / 39.37'' x 39.37'' iSLIMM (6 mm)
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