Innovation is part of Inalco's DNA...

During our more than 40 years of experience we have developed technologies and products that have represented a turning point for the sectors in which we are present, and we work day by day to continue opening the way to the future.

2005. IPLUS Digital Technology


IPLUS Digital Technology is based on CMYK ink printing techniques, with IPLUS all types of designs can be printed on the surface with an excellent level of digital definition, which was impossible with traditional decorating systems such as screens and rollers..

2007. Large Formats


INALCO, aware that the surfaces with almost no joints are the future, started innovating to create even larger formats.

One of the first formats was the 80 x 80 cm that within the company has evolved to 100 x 100 cm / 39,37" x 39,37", up until the planks with slim thickness and extra-large formats 150 x 320 / 59" x 126".

2009. ISLIMM


ISLIMM (6 mm) pieces are easy to lay, and create unique and highly original settings. Other advantages include energy savings during the production process, a reduction in the amount of fuel needed for manufacturing and transport, plus less packaging and ink.

2012. Reliefs and textures in Large Formats


Once again, INALCO surprises with technological innovations that few have even dared to image.

The most innovative production techniques result in a combination of large formats, the fine thickness of ISLIMM tiles, and textures that transmit unrepeatable sensations and surfaces.

2014. ITOP


INALCO presents ITOP 4, 6, 12 and 20 mm-thick slabs in a large 150 x 320 cm / 59’’ x 126’’.

Thanks to the extra-large size of the slabs, ITOP offers a design potential that was hitherto unimaginable, with no need for tile joints. ITOPKER can also be used in more ambitious, complex, fascinating applications, making life much easier for people.

2015. Full Digital Technology


INALCO is the first company in the world to develop and manufacture its products with 100% digital processes (FULL DIGITAL), using digital injection systems throughout the whole production process.

The absolute control of these coordinated processes of digital decoration for ceramic pieces, allow to create unique and extraordinary surfaces with a greater naturalness and realism, which contribute with a higher added value to projects of interior design, architecture and decoration.

2018. H2O Full digital


INALCO is the first company in the world to have introduced H2O Full Digital technology.

This innovative water-based technology allows for the creation of collections with an outstanding resolution, as well as being sustainable and environmentally friendly.