Large-format surface for walls in a slimline ISLIMM BY INALCO version. A Yuta, Mohair and Rafia finishings in Blanco, Visón and Negro colours.

Giuseppe Bavuso is an Italian architect and designer who for almost 30 years, has collaborated as a designer and art director for some of the furniture sector’s leading companies. His work stands out particularly for the application of innovations and new technologies, with designs that give priority to people.

"Fibre" (Fibers) by Giuseppe Bavuso for Inalco, it is a design proposal inspired by nature and the very essence of shape. In the words of Mr. Bavuso himself, Fiber is "a modern take on the weaved patterns of the first objects made by humankind–like the weave of baskets, fabrics or wools–, with an added 3D effect. The collection brings a new physical dimension to surfaces, vibrating in the presence of light. Thanks to its multi-sensory qualities, it makes both a visual and a tactile impression."

Fibre Blanco Yuta
Fibre Blanco Mohair
Fibre Blanco Rafia
Fibre Visón Yuta
Fibre Visón Mohair
Fibre Visón Rafia
Fibre Negro Yuta
Fibre Negro Mohair
Fibre Negro Rafia

100 x 250 cm / 39.37'' x 98.43'' iSLIMM (6 mm)
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